About Us
About Us

About BizGate:

BizGate is your Business Gate to launching your brand success in the region.

A dynamic, boutique marketing and consultancy agency, strategically located in Dubai.

BizGate is the expert in connecting you to your future business partners, helping you with the initial set up and logistical support for your establishment operations. 

Our team is flexible, dedicated to your business strategy and has a proven track record in launching and expanding international and local brands in the region. 

A Brief Introduction

BizGate has started its activities in 2007, concentrating on tourism and leisure and its team has over 35 years pulled experience in the field.

Specialized in travel and hospitality PR, marketing & sales and recognized for its commitment to building successful business relationships.

Our accomplishments are based on thorough understanding of the needs and the objectives of our clients and the market specifics.

We help you realize your vision faster, deliver results and reduce learning curves, by the use of our experience and inspirational work.

With Bizgate's established workflow efficiencies, we are able to offer top quality work without over-inflated pricing.

Bizgate has eliminated the typical agency structure of multi-level bureaucracy, which means quicker turnaround time on projects and cost savings for our clients.

Our creative and integrated approach to marketing will help you launch your business successfully, develop your brand, increase your market share, improve your communications and gain advantage over your competitors. 

The results we have achieved for our clients are the proof that partnering with Bizgate is the right formula for success.

Our Mission:

To Achieve customer satisfaction through:

  • Industry expertise
  • Cost efficiency
  • Effective partnership
  • Result driven sales & marketing services
  • Dedication and innovative approach

Our Strengths:

  • Strong relationship with Arabic & English media.
  • Established contacts with tour operator, travel agents and hoteliers across the gulf region.
  • High profile relationship with key government departments in UAE.
  • Well established brand in Dubai with effective communication skills and result driven tourism & online promotional knowledge.
  • BizGate is the expert when it comes to: strategies related to launching your brand in the region; database connecting you to your future business partners and procedures helping your independent office set up and initial pre-set up logistical support.