Our Services
Our Services


BizGate "BG" offers dynamic services with dedicated assistance, helping you to achieve greater awareness, recognition and market share from the Middle East market through sales, marketing, social media and public relations.

Our aim is to make your business recognized and establish your company reputation and presence in the market; innovate and customize your corporate strategy, and maximize the business potential in accordance with your target.

Bizgate offers professional marketing services (online and offline) on short-term, ad hoc project basis as well as long-term integrated campaigns.

We are proud for our high level of commitment, customer service and flexible approach.

The first phase of our work relationship is to establish the understanding of your needs and objectives - we conduct a thorough SWAT analysis of your products and services; match it with your corporate goals and vision to build a stroger corporate strategy and offer you the appropriate solutions to fit your objectives and establish your brand name on the market.

Middle East Market is very unique and significant. There is a huge potential for business growth, however choosing the right partner with local industry knowledge and contact would significantly accelerate the process and help you to get the best result in the long run.

We belong to this region and are trained to apply best methods which save you time and drive more business.Below you can see some of the services we offer at BG :

  • Play an integral role in all sales & marketing strategies, from creation to implementation
  • Handle all contract negotiation, issue and sign off as required
  • Play a role in setting and implementing annual net rates, tactical and added value initiatives
  • Create and initiate tactical campaigns and incentives
  • Work with our Hotel partners marketing team to create and implement both co-op and independent marketing schemes
  • Offer training to all contracted tour operators to increase product knowledge and awareness
  • Conduct sales visits to retail agencies throughout the GCC to increase product knowledge and awareness
  • Arrange Fam Trips with tour operators and national tourist office, or independently
  • Participate in key events with tour operator partners to raise awareness of the product
  • Include clients in quarterly BG newsletters produced for the trade, and also individual client updates/newsletters
  • Organize and implement events throughout the year for our client partners, from dinners, to hospitality day events and always work on new and exciting ideas
  • Attend key trade and consumer shows. Appointments are pre-scheduled by BG
  • Provide an information service for all local enquiries for the client, mailing and distributing information as required
  • On-line media library and information service – login and password protected
  • Offer an all encompassing trade and consumer PR service through editorial coverage and in print and broadcast media
  • Arrange press releases and feature placements for product review
  • Source competition and sponsorship opportunities with appropriate third parties
  • Offer a branded and personal reservations service as required
  • Invoicing and ticket/voucher issue can be offered
  • Provide a dedicated telephone line as required for added brand identity


Bizgate offers flexibility to our clients, whether looking for a long-term contract or assistance with short term projects.

We can help launch new properties, new products or just help clients achieve awareness and market share. We can tailor our services to fit most budgets so if you are looking to penetrate the Middle Eastern market and need maximum return on your investment, we can help make it happen. For special projects contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

We develop Annual marketing promotional plan, strategically executed which will actively support our business partner for its marketing objectives. This plan will take into account the factors affecting the overall marketing strategy of our business partners in generating the right yield mix.

We believe that in order to equip the front liners with on hand experience they must see the product and be able to feel the service. To get the right staffs who are committed to sell your product is the challenge and here our role of identifying those members and follow up with them upon their arrival to sell your product.

  • Targeted Sales call and Sales Blitz.
  • Integrated communication programs.
  • Trade Promotions, BG will create strong result focus trade promotions.
  • Fulfill the objectives of our business partners
  • Achieve required level of promotional activity
  • Work with third parties if necessary
  • Database management